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Hampton, New Hampshire - August 8, 2000 - Karma Labs, Inc. today announced the forthcoming release of its long-awaited Adventure at the Chateau d'Or . Over two years in the making, this first person adventure game for PC and Macintosh is scheduled to be on the shelves in September of 2000. The game features three challenging levels of play, incredible photo-realistic 3D graphics, dozens of enigmatic questions about Paris, France, and an original music score.

"Adventure at the Chateau d'Or represents a new dimension in adventure gaming," says Kevin Morris, President of Karma Labs. "We designed the game to provide both challenging game play, as well as integrate intriguing elements of Paris as an essential part of the game playing environment."

As the player you are sent on a quest to unlock the secret of the fabulous Chateau d'Or located in modern day France. Your role is to assist the Princess Heir in discovering her rightful inheritance. On your journey you will explore a magnificent palace, search for hidden treasure, and find and wield powerful magic artifacts. You must match wits with the spirit of her uncle, the Duke, and you will gather clues from anecdotal tales of the heroes and places that made the incredible city of Paris what it is today.

"This is a multi-faceted game," says Richard Laskey, VP of Sales and Marketing for Karma Labs, "gamers who are familiar with the Myst, Carmen Sandiego and You Don't Know Jack series will be right at home and will love the new challenges that the Adventure at the Chateau d'Or will bring them."


The princess' 25th birthday is quickly approaching. Beginning August 15, 2000 you can read the weekly updates in her diary on the official website as she contemplates the arrival of this key event that marks her coming of age to receive her inheritance.

Download the demo trailer at

About Karma Labs
Karma Labs was founded in 1996 to create interactive entertainment software. Adventure at the Chateau d'Or is Karma Labs first entry into the game arena.. Karma Labs' vision is now available to gamers worldwide. You can find Karma Labs on the World Wide Web at .

Full press kits available upon request.

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