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Adventure at the Chateau d'Or FAQ

Is Adventure at the Chateau d'Or an action game, a role playing game, or an adventure game?
It is an adventure game that includes some elements that are commonly found in role playing games (e.g. inventory of found objects, magic artifacts).

Does Adventure at the Chateau d'Or have puzzles?
Yes, the game has puzzles, but there are no gratuitous puzzles and puzzles are tightly integrated into the game playing environment. Puzzles are not the most important part of the gameplay.

What language is it in?
The game is developed in English. We will make other language versions if we find publishers in other countries who are interested in supporting those versions (such as France?).

Will the game be available outside the United States?
For the moment we are concentrating on setting up retail and on-line distribution in North America. We are also in discussions with publishers for some European countries. If you live outside of North America you will probably need to purchase the game on-line for the time being. You can order from this website with a credit card or ask your favorite on-line retailer if they will be selling the game.

Will Adventure at the Chateau d'Or run on my computer?
It is very likely that it will. Check out the System Requirements to make sure

Where is the Chateau d'Or, is it a real palace?
The Chateau d'Or is completely imaginary, it was designed for this game. However, it is similar in style and location to the monumental palaces that can be found outside of Paris. Palaces such as Versailles and Fontainebleau served as inspiration for the Chateau d'Or.

What style of navigation does the game use?
The navigation style is similar to Myst/Riven with screen to screen navigation (point and click) as well as full screen animated sequences.

Why didn't you use real time 3D?
We considered using real time 3D but in the end we decided not to because real time 3D wouldn't allow the quality of graphics and the level of detail that we wanted to present. Just the palace garden and courtyard use over 1.3 million polygons! We did a lot of user testing and the participants thought that the excellent graphics, intriguing storyline, and magical elements were more than enough to make the game interesting.

Is there any violence in Adventure at the Chateau d'Or?
No, but you can die.

Is this a game where you learn about history?
Yes and No. You can learn something about history, but you are not required to really learn anything and the Paris information only has an outcome on the gameplay during the first 1/3 of the game. The game is designed so that the user can select how much knowledge of Paris is required to win the game. The segments concerning Paris are in the form of anecdotal stories about ancient and modern Paris.

Can I make a link to your website?
Sure, we would prefer it if you link to the home page at .




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